About Us


About Us

Dogtor Calls is a full service mobile veterinary hospital, providing veterinary care to patients in Marin and Sonoma counties.  This is not just a house call practice - it's a veterinary hospital on wheels, complete with treatment room, surgery suite and full x-ray and dentistry capabilities.  Whether you choose to visit us at our home base on Harbor Drive or decide to have us visit your home, all of the amenities of a full service "stationary" veterinary hospital will be available to your pets during their appointments.  For the safety of your pet, we do recommend that all elective, non-emergency, anesthetic procedures be performed at our home base on Harbor Drive.  

Dogtor Calls Philosophy

Dogtor Calls is dedicated to providing quality veterinary care with a personal touch.  We understand that your pets are furry, four-legged family members and that each pet is an individual with a unique personality and specific needs and fears.  We try to spend a bit more time getting to know our patients and we allow them to set the pace of the visit, whenever possible.  By personalizing our approach to each individual patient, we are often able to make your pet more comfortable, resulting in a less stressful veterinary visit for your pet... and for you!


About the Dogtor Calls Coach


Dogtor  Calls is not your typical veterinary house call practice.  When you  call us to your home, you'll get more than just a veterinarian with a  doctor's bag.  Rather, you should expect the veterinarian, the support  staff and the entire veterinary hospital to arrive at your door as well. 

Coach Features


* 26' Mobile Veterinary Hospital

* CR digital xray processor

* Dedicated surgery suite 

* Ultrasonic dental scaler, polisher

* Surgivet anesthetic system and high

speed drill

* Multi-parameter surgical monitor

* Walk-on digital scale

* In-house lab analyzer

* Treatment table/Wet table

* MinXray HF100A Xray

* Patient kennels